Team Titleist Invitational Add Ons Tailored to Tallman


Outstanding Balance



Dear John,


As discussed, this page allows for payment to be made for the outstanding balance for the add ons for the Team Titleist Invitational/St Andrews for Golf bolt on trip as detailed below.


  1. Transfers: The total cost for 2 people, both ways is £330.00.
  2. Buggies/Caddies:
    1. Old Course Ballot – £45.00 per buggy, self drive
    2. Kingsbarns Golf Links – buggy free of charge, but must be driven by a caddie (£65.00 + tip = £100.00)
    3. Dumbarnie – £45.00 per buggy + caddie to drive it (£65.00 + tip = £100.00), total cost = £145.00
    4. Dukes – £45.00 per buggy, self drive
    5. Total Buggy hire fee: £135.00
  3. Additional night: I have you booked into the Old Course Hotel on 13th July.  As previously described, this is an additional £700.00.

With the information above, an additional cost of £1,165.00 is due (caddie fees are payable in cash direct tot he caddie after each round).

Best wishes,


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Outstanding balance


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