Team Titleist Invitational Add Ons Tailored to Cooke


Outstanding Balance



Dear Karl,


As discussed, this page allows for payment to be made for the outstanding balance for the add ons for the Team Titleist Invitational/St Andrews for Golf bolt on trip as detailed below.



  1. Single Occupancy Supplement to Bolt On for 17th and 18th
  2. Arrival Transfer 13th and Edinburgh Transfer 19th
  3. Sheraton Grand Single Occupancy 19th.

Karl Total Cost: £900.00

Arvid – has not paid for any extras as yet

  1. Twin Occupancy Supplement for 13th Old Course Hotel and 16th Fairmont St Andrews
  2. Arrival Transfer 13th and Departure Transfer 17th
  3. £40.00 Dining Credit for 16th Fairmont La Cucina

Arvid Total Cost: £680.00


Overall total cost = £1,580.00


Best wishes,


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Outstanding balance


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