Team Titleist Invitational Add Ons Tailored to Carnazzo


Outstanding Balance



Dear Andrew, Tom and Dan,


As discussed, this page allows for payment to be made for the outstanding balance for the Team Titleist Invitational.


The breakdown of costs are given below:

Credit being held: £190.00 for overpayment of Eden green fees  + refund of 2 x Eden £190.00 = £380.00

Transfers: I have coordinated transfers with other Team Titleist members to get the lowest group rates that I could.  The group transfer total is £320.00

    1. Andrew and Dan: £110.00 per person for two-way transfers (detailed below)
    2. Tom: £100.00 per person two-way transfers (as detailed below)

Single room supplement: Tom – there is a single room supplement since a 4th golfer wasn’t added, this = £450.00

Total due = £390.00

Additional information

Outstanding balance

Transfers and Single Room Supplement

Trip Discussion